We partner with nature and progress

We partner with nature and progress. From beginning to end of the agricultural chain.

In 2010, we started to plant the seed of our vision in South America in sorne of the most fertile soils of the planet.

That was the kick off of a fast-growing venture thanks to alliances we built with local producers and commercial relationships we forged in the region and around the world. First, we did it in order to supply the Uruguayan market, where we hold a leadership position, and then so as to expand internationally.

Betting on this global scope led us to seek the most effective means to make transporting our production and our partners' happen, no matter the distance. We had the drive to diversify our portfolio once and again, to meet our clients' demand of agricultura! and forestry raw materials in every continent and key know-how to provide comprehensive solutions every step of the way in every value chain we took part in.

Human Feeding

Food safety requires highly professionalized productive processes that involve thorough and rigorous traceability systems.

It demands accurate logistics at the same time, which guarantees product delivery in excellent conditions in the right place at the right time. TGL has been adapting and bringing in key resources to be up to those demands.

That's why we count on a team of experienced professionals who are able to anticipate and adapt to dynamic regulatory frameworks set by different countries and regions to enable access to the most challenging segment of the agri-food industry. Nowadays, our participation in the whole value chain, has made us able to understand any client`s requirements and develop solutions at any scale, from land and ranches to the shelves of any store around the planet.

Wide variety
of products

The combination of our fields `production and our allies´ combined with our industrial activity allows us to assure systematic provision of high nutritional quality food solutions that are carefully chosen and made, either conventionally or according to current organic production standards.


We provide a wide variety of products that meet the highest innocuousness standards and adapt to specifications in more than 30 markets in the whole world.

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