Sunflower / Argentina

Sunflower is primarily an oil crop but the plant itself and its crop residues (heads and leftover stalks) are a popular roughage for livestock. Sunflower as an alternative forage can be valuable option under drought conditions that hamper seed production potential or in case of roughage shortage forage is usually fed as silage. Sunflower meal is the by-product of the oil extraction process. Oil is the majority value of sunflower seed and meal is considered a by-product. Sunflower meal is an excellent livestock feed, especially for ruminants. Sunflower Oil Healthy, natural sunflower oil is produced from oil type sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is light in taste and appearance and supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It is a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with low saturated fat levels.