Soyabean Oil / Uruguay

Soybean oil is widely used oil and is commonly called "vegetable oil". Soybean oil is a very healthy food ingredient despite the bad publicity regarding fats and oils in general. Source: Due to its low cost and high nutritional value, especially in essential proteins, soy is recognized as one of the best and cheapest sources of food energy in terms of calorie per unit cost of production constant. Soybean oil does not contain much saturated fat. Like all other oils from vegetable origin, soybean oil contains no cholesterol. Saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart diseases and mainly found in products from animal origin such as milk, cheese and meat products. 

Soybean oil contains natural antioxidants which remain in the oil even after extraction. These antioxidants help to prevent the oxidative rancidity. Soybean oil (51%) contain high amounts of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid. These oils, primarily used to add energy to the diet, provide a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which may limit their use in ruminant diets. Vegetable oil supplies slightly more energy than animal fats and may be used to reduce dustiness in feeds. Biodiesel fuel for diesel engines

can be produced from soybean oil by a simple process called transesterification.  This process removes the glycerine from the oil, leaving soy biodiesel.  Soy biodiesel is cleaner burning than petroleum-based diesel oil.  Its use reduces particulate emissions, and it is non-toxic, renewable and environmentally friendly.