Our Company

Our Company

The Grain Leader was founded in Uruguay during October 2009. There was the opportunity of trading agro-commodities shipped by containers to Asia and Middle East and TGL developed this logistics as a pioneer from Uruguay. During 2010 The Grain Leader started trading Corn and Soybean Meal from Paraguay for the domestic market of Uruguay, and noticed that it was a big market to be developed for the trading by shipping in containers to the overseas. By October 2010 TGL Paraguay S.A. was founded and started trading agro commodities.
Today TGL Paraguay S.A. owns 3 elevators in Paraguay, buying the production from more than 500 small farmers, and segregating the high quality goods for the export in containers. We proudly trade 150.000 Mt of grains per Year. The company owns in Uruguay 10.000 hectares of farms in Uruguay, with a production of 50.000 Mt of grains per year. With strategic joint ventures with elevators in the center and east, TGL covers all the farming area of the country buying 200.000 MT of grains per year. TGL sells 50.000 MT per year of feedstuff from Argentine and Paraguay in the domestic market of Uruguay. The Grain Leader trades Animal and Vegetable Proteins and Oils produced in Uruguay and Paraguay, and purchases from small rice millers, broken and whole grain selected rice shipping to overseas by containers using our specialized logistics. By the end of 2014, we are opening our TGL Bolivia offices in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Our mission is to offer the agro-commodities produced in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia with added value from our farmers and producers to our valued customers. We provide the most efficient logistics from the farming land and producers warehouse until goods are delivered at final destination. We take care of the quality required from our customers, working together with our suppliers as a team looking for the excellence of the goods. We specialize in middle size business shipping by trucks and containers, where we can give our best quality control and logistics.

Our vision is to work as a team every day to find effectiveness in our business giving to our farmers, producers and customers the biggest benefit. We want to be leaders on what we do, specializing our logistics, travelling to see our customers around the world to understand what they need, visiting every farm or warehouse were we originate our goods, and believing and trusting in our people to establish a long-term relationship.