Meat & bone meal/ Argentina - Paraguay - Uruguay - Brazil

The Meat and Bone Meal is used as an ingredient in the production of balanced animal feed, and is marketed to make poultry, swine, and pet feed. Bovine Meat and Bone Meal is a product resulting from the cooking of bovine byproducts (mainly consisting of bones and offal), which is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and fat. The feedstock used to produce the Meat and Bone Meal is collected from slaughterhouses, butchery and meat houses, The MBM is a product that is widely used in ration formulation for poultry, pigs and pet food.

It is very good source of protein and amino acids as well as vitamin B12, calcium and phosphorus. It cost is low in comparison to other ingredients in animal feed. The product offered is 100% bovine and sterilized as well as being treated with antioxidants and when processed in continuous digesters are not burned as a constant control of temperature values ensuring maximum digestibility is maintained. This procedure ensures the finest flour and enhanced product quality, giving our customers the greatest satisfaction, in which only produce 40% -50% protein meal.